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Fear Of God Essentials T-Shirt Sizing Guide

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

In this video I'm doing a quick sizing guide for the Fear Of God essentials t-shirts. I bought 3 different sizes to compare how each t-shirt and how they fit. I have an extra extra small, an extra small and a small. I am a true medium but Fear Of God Essential are oversized so I wanted to start with my true size so I went one size down. I wanted to show you what other looks you could pull off with the different sizes. The size comparison in equivalent to you going 1, 2 and 3 sizes down. For example if you are true large, this would be a medium, small, and extra small. This video should help you with what size you can fit in the Fear Of God Essentials t-shirts.

Going down 1 size. For Me It Was A Small

Going down one size felt (SMALL) really fit me as a regular medium would fit me but with a touch of Fear Of God Essential style. Jerry likes this collection to give you a oversized boxy feeling so going down one size still gave me that boxy look with out the shirt being too baggy.

Going Down 2 Sizes. For Me It Was a Extra Small

Now going down 2 sizing you will lose a little of that that boxy feel, but there isn't a huge different in the sizing. I believe if you bought the t-shirt 2 sizing down on accident, you could still get away with wearing it.

Going Down 3 Sizes. For Me It was A Extra Extra Small

Now if you're looking for that muscle shirt fit, going down 3 sizes would fit you perfectly. Out of all 3 sizing, this size showed the most difference. Not only was the sleeves tight but the length of the shirt was a couple of inches shorter than the other 2.

The Final Score

Overall I really like the style and fitting of the Fear Of God Essentials line. And if you are a fan of the main line Fear Of God, this price point is great. Yes you do lose a little quality between the 2 but both are stylish with there color tones. Fear Of God Essential t-shirts will run you around 40 to 45 dollars retail. If you are looking to purchase check out the links below.

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